Sunflower Yoga & Healing Arts teaches in such a way that people of all ages can find ease and comfort in their own unique bodies and situations.


Our Clients Say…

  • "Sunflower Yoga & Healing Arts is like an oasis; a calm and caring atmosphere. Small classes with the personal touch. Jane is kind and knowledgeable, aware of everyone's physical abilities and/or limitations. I am "happily hooked" to her weekly classes!"


  • “I’ve been learning with Jane for over two years. Her knowledge and experience are truly impressive, but what's really special is Jane herself. She really knows how to share her insights in a gentle, encouraging way. The Meditation Class is a sanctuary for me - a combination of thoughtfulness, compassion, and laughter.”


  • “I discovered at a time of healing, a warm and safe sanctuary in Sunflower Yoga & Healing Arts. Here I learned yoga, meditation and Reiki finding comfort in this well-rounded studio.”


  • “I’ve struggled with chronic neck and back tension for years, which no amount of massage and chiropractic adjustments seemed to resolve. Yoga classes at Sapphire Island have helped me develop the ability to release that pain naturally through breath and movement. The classes are relaxing, supportive and fun!”


  • “I really enjoy going to Jane’s classes. Whether it is Yoga or meditation, it helps me so much after a hard-stressful day at work. I can’t imagine going a week without it!”


  • “Since I started coming to your yoga classes I have been captivated by the power of our breath. It was amazing to me how simple body movements combined with breathing techniques could make you feel. Therefore, the Monday class that you call Gentle yoga brought this combination for me to a higher level.

    I close my eyes and listen to your soft gentle guidance and I feel completely connected with my body. You have the ability of describing with great detail how the slow gentle repetitive movements should feel and how the body should respond. It is the most relaxing experience for me. You always come up with some new innovative ideas, the class is a real pleasure.”


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